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TEAM GritChicks

 Need for Speed
virtual training group

Begins 3/27/23!

Coach Jen Labesky @jenlarun is excited to share her "Need for Speed" training program in a group training format the first time!

In 2020, Jen adapted her "Need for Speed" program during a time when she was between races but still wanted a goal to work toward. After 10 weeks working this program, Jen ran her mile PR* and now she's leading a group of gritty chicks through the program! (*individual results may vary)

Jen can modify the program for you if you are currently running less than 25 miles per week.
NFS consists of 5 days of running per week, with runs/workouts ranging between 4-7 miles and averaging 25-28 miles per week. This is an intense speed work dense program, so it is not recommended for anyone who is currently building distance.

The NFS group is free to all TEAM GritChicks®️ TEAMmates!
Not a TEAMmate yet? JOIN T
Keep reading for all the details!

Included in TEAM GritChicks $12 monthly membership, Jen's Need for Speed group training is a 10 week program focused solely on getting faster! 

We will begin by calculating each participant's specific speed zones before we tackle our intense but rewarding speed journey together!

All interaction within the Need for Speed training group will take place in a private Facebook group only available to our small group participating in the 10 week program. This group is in addition to our TEAM GritChicks community app where all other
 TEAM GritChicks interaction takes place.

Important details

While the Need for Speed program is open to all TEAMmates, please note:

If your average weekly mileage is less than 25 miles per week, JEN WILL ADJUST THIS PLAN FOR YOU WITHIN THE TEAM GRITCHICKS TRAINING GROUP.


All runs/workouts in the Need for Speed training plan are between 4-7 miles in length and average weekly mileage is 25-28.


It is important to note that increasing speed AND distance simultaneously often leads to injury, therefore if you are committing to this 10 week plan, do NOT try to increase your mileage above the plan during these 10 weeks. To do this much speedwork in a traditional training plan with increasing mileage would drastically increase the chance of injury. Therefore, if you are currently training for a race 10 miles or longer, we do NOT recommend you take on the Need for Speed plan at the same time.


PLEASE use common sense and tailor any training plan to your history and listen to your body. Please check with your doctor if you have any concerns or before tackling a strenuous training cycle such as this. By following this plan, you assert that you are physically healthy enough to do so.

The Need for Speed Training Group is
Available only to TEAM GritChicks TEAMmates
And included in your $12 monthly membership!
If you haven't joined TEAM GritChicks yet, join today to tackle "Need for Speed" with us! 
Once you join the TEAM you will have the option to join the NFS training group!

​​team member benefits

As a member of Team GritChicks, you receive all of the following:

Exclusive access to TEAM GritChicks TEAM apparel 
TEAM GritChicks Coach Ann

Our own Private Team GritChicks community APP FOR IPHONE AND ANDROID  

Through unlimited access to our private community app, you can connect with like-spirited women to share goals, support, setbacks, achievements, progress photos, inspiration and more!


In this community all TEAMmates are invited to get to know, share and support each other. Much like our retreats, our forum is a place where lifelong friendships with women from all over the world are formed.

TEAM Training Groups

Seasonal group training options! Up next, Jen is leading the NEED FOR SPEED training group!

After that, join our half marathon TEAM training group with the option of joining the TEAM for the Indy Women's half marathon in October!


Each month we tackle a new challenge, from running challenges to self-care, every challenge is focused on empowering ourselves and having fun!

Free basic training plans

Free basic, effort-based Beginner & Intermediate 5K and half-marathon training plans created by RRCA Level I certified running coach Jen Labesky @jenlarun with the option to upgrade to a custom monthly plan or 1:1 coaching!

(For races of marathon distance or longer, only monthly custom training plans or 1:1 coaching are available.)




Exclusive TEAMmate-only live workshops via Zoom with guest experts on topics such as nutrition for the female athlete, "ask a coach" sessions for training questions, goal planning & more! All TEAMmates are invited to the live Zoom calls, and most workshops are recorded if you can't make it live!

exclusive team gritchicks virtual races with finisher's shirts! 

FREE with your team membership, join your team virtually every few months to race a 5k, 10k or half marathon! Race for free with the option to purchase an exclusive TEAM GritChicks race finishers shirt!

Private Team GritChicks Club on Strava!

All TEAM GritChicks TEAMmates have the option of joining our TEAMmate-only club on Strava.


Train with us throughout the year and race with us in awesome locations throughout the United States! We choose races that offer various distances, so you can find a distance to train for that feels right to you! We will share our training together in the online team community, then meet up at the race destination for pre- and post-race strategizing and fun! 

Our next optional in-person race meetup is planned for the Indy Women's Half in October 2023! 


discounts on grit chicks apparel and retreats!

TEAM GritChicks TEAMmates receive a private discount code for 15% off all GritChicks apparel and $100 off GritChicks Retreats! Our next retreat is in Bozeman, Montana in May 2023!

(optional) custom training planS or online private coaching AVAILABLE!
TEAM GritChicks membership & benefits are included for all coaching & custom training plan athletes. 

For ladies who don't currently have a coach but would like more customized support in their training, TEAM GritChicks athletes can add private coaching or custom training plans with either Ann Scholl or Jen Labesky. Read more about our coaches & coaching options here

ALL paces and experience levels are welcome on TEAM GritChicks!
We have ladies on the team who are just discovering running,
ladies who have been running all their lives, and everywhere in between!
Join us!

Ways YOU CaN join Team GritChickS®️

TEAM GritChicks has three monthly membership options available, depending on your needs!

(If you are interested in a custom training plan or 1:1 coaching, you can change membership types at your monthly renewal date. For instance, if you want to add coaching for a few months for an upcoming race, then take a break from coaching here and there but stay on the team, you can do that!) 

All three membership types include everything listed above

Membership options WITH run coaching or custom training plan also include:

  • Everything listed above PLUS either a monthly custom written training plan OR 1:1 private run coaching with Jen or Ann (limited 1:1 spots available).


Membership choices:

  • Basic TEAM Grit Chicks membership without a training plan or coaching is $12 per month.

  • Monthly custom training plan created just for you by Jen or Ann is $65 per month. Includes TEAM GritChicks membership and all TEAMmate benefits.

  • Private one-on-one online coaching with Jen or Ann is $165 per month. Includes TEAM GritChicks membership and all TEAMmate benefits. *Jen's 1:1 spots are currently full, but Ann has a few spots, and both Jen & Ann are available for custom training plans!

For more information on run coaching options, click here.

Please read team guidelines & code of conduct here before joining.

"We may live far apart but our community is knit together and able to share stories, smiles, struggles and accomplishments. We all of course, share our great love of running so it is easy to build such great camaraderie."

- Ruthie L, TEAM GritChicks TEAMmate

"Great online running community for women! A wonderful place for encouragement, engagement and camaraderie from other goal oriented runners!"

- Jen O, TEAM GritChicks TEAMmate



All experience levels are welcome on TEAM Grit Chicks.

Fast, slow, ultrarunner or beginner, if you want to run, you're a runner on our team!


Our TEAM community is open to all women, regardless of your coaching arrangement.


(i.e. adding or subtracting Custom Plan or 1:1 Coaching

In order to change membership type, we recommend waiting until a day or two before your renewal, then cancel and repurchase the desired plan right after. This will allow you to maintain your profile, badges, post history, etc. 

If you have any questions about this, send us an email and we'll walk you through it!


You can cancel at any time, however the current month you are in when you cancel is not refundable.

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