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Run Coaching...
for the JOY of running

Ultimately, the reason we run is to add JOY to our lives...
so why does our training so often feel like punishment?

coaching options with jen labesky
(both include team GritChicks membership)


Custom Training Plans

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Private Online Coaching

Jen's journey to running was anything but traditional.


A gymnast as a child and a rock climber in her 20's, Jen hit a lull in exercise after becoming a mom. In her mid 30's she was diagnosed with a congenital sacral disorder which had been dormant but was likely exacerbated by childbirth.

After 3 years of chiropractic care with days where the pain was so excruciating she couldn't move off the floor, Jen reached a point where she was fed up with feeling broken. After seeing how running had empowered so many people, at the age of 40, she decided to give it a try.

Her chiropractor told her she was limited to one mile, so she sought out the help of a phenomenal physical therapist, who helped her strengthen her body to the point where she could safely run.*


And to her surprise, the more she ran, the stronger she became... physically, yes, but what she hadn't expected was how strong she would become as a person.

What a gift! Running allows us to experience our limitless power. Running allows us to access a level of freedom and joy so rare in our daily lives.

And it is this experience that Jen's coaching promotes.

Sure, with dedicated work, the speed will come, but the focus of Jen's coaching is to not lose the JOY in the process.

Jen has been an RRCA Certified Running Coach since 2018 and at 49 years young, she has completed 16 half marathons, 6 full marathons, five 50K's and a 50 mile trail ultra.


Her focus is on running healthy and running for life. 

If this resonates with you, see the coaching options below. As a member of Team GritChicks, you have the option of adding either option at any time.


(Please note - Private coaching spots are limited) 

*Always follow the guidance of a qualified medical professional.

coaching options

If working with Jen sounds like the right fit for you, here are the options:

monthly training plan written just for you

After gathering data based on your running history, current fitness level and running goals, Jen will create a custom training plan each month to keep you focused, motivated and on track to tackle your goals. Most of all, your plan is designed around keeping the JOY in your running.

This option does not include changes to the plan throughout the month, but adjustments will be made as needed each month based on data from the previous month. 

This option is perfect for someone who is self motivated and does not want or need daily support.

one-on-one private online coaching (limited spots available)
*Jen's 1:1 spots are currently full, but she's still offering custom training plans! 

Private coaching is perfect for someone who wants or needs daily support in their training. Each month Jen will create a custom training plan based on your goals, and together you and Jen will track your runs and any issues that may come up. Jen will make unlimited adjustments to your training plan as needed.

Jen will be available to you for any questions as they arise, and will be checking in regularly to make sure you're feeling strong, motivated and most of all, that you're enjoying your training.

the next step...
join Team GritChickS®️

(If team registration is closed and you are interested in a custom training plan or 1:1 coaching with Jen, email Jen here. Coaching clients can be added to the team at any time on a case by case basis.)

Team GritChicks has three monthly membership options available, depending on your needs!

All three membership types include:

  • Unlimited access to our OWN private online Team GritChicks Community app for iPhone or Android

  • Daily coach & team support within our virtual community

  • Free EXCLUSIVE Team GritChicks *rabbit brand* racing top after 3 months paid membership

  • 1 Additional FREE Team GritChicks kit item every 12 months of paid membership

  • Exclusive invitations to Team GritChicks race meetups at various races in the USA

  • 15% discount on GritChicks apparel

  • $100 discount on GritChicks Retreats

Membership options WITH run coaching include:

  • Everything listed above PLUS either a monthly custom written training plan OR 1:1 private run coaching with Jen (limited 1:1 spots available). *1:1 spots are currently full, but custom plan spots are still available!


Membership options:

  • Team GritChicks membership without a training plan is $25 per month.

  • Team membership plus a custom training plan created by Jen just for you each month is $75 per month.

  • Team membership plus private one-on-one online coaching with Jen. (limited spots available). *currently full

Please read team guidelines & code of conduct here before joining.



Next round of registration opens soon! 

If you're interested, email Jen today to be added to the waitlist so you'll be notified first when registration opens!


All experience levels are welcome on Team GritChicks.

Fast, slow, ultrarunner or beginner, if you want to run, you're a runner on our team!


Our team community is open to all women, regardless of your coaching arrangement.


You can cancel at any time, however the current month you are in when you cancel is not refundable.