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Costa Rica Retreat


Twice as long as our USUAL retreats... for twice the fun & adventure!

Jaco, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

January 28 - February 3, 2024

January weather in Jaco is considered the best of the year for visiting!

It's time for a break from having to take care of everything in life...

Just fly in, and we'll take care of the details!


Join us for a week long retreat, twice as long as our usual retreats, offering more time to balance adventure, exploration and physical activity with time to unwind, relax by the pool, take leisurely walks on the beach, enjoy the local shopping or even nap!


Another special treat for this retreat! To give us a true Costa Rican experience, a local chef will be preparing some of our meals! 

Together we will:

  • Explore the trails around Jaco and surrounding areas

  • Run (or walk!) on the beach

  • Enjoy daily yoga in paradise

  • Spend time soaking in the vibe in Jaco

  • Relax in our own private swimming pool

  • Be soothed to rest with yoga nidra in the evenings

  • Take time out from the hustle of life to just BE

  • Enjoy in-house meals, laughter and lots of fun!

Optional "add-on" activities* may include:

  • Zip lining

  • Snorkeling

  • Horseback riding

  • Boat tours & more!

(* Optional add-on activities are not included in retreat price and availability varies.

Participants can choose from these activities but there is no pressure to participate if they don't sound appealing to you!) 

Accommodations for our Costa Rica Retreat will be a mind-blowingly gorgeous private luxury hacienda with a private pool. Included in the retreat price is a retreat shuttle from the airport to the property & back (about a 90 minute drive) so all you have to do is fly into San Jose International Airport!* 


Rooms will be assigned based on order of registration, so those who register first will have first choice.** See room types below!

*You must choose a flight that arrives by 5:00 pm Sunday 1/27/24 in order to take advantage of the free retreat shuttle. Return shuttle will arrive at the airport by 8:00 am Saturday 2/3/24. 

** While our goal is to honor specific room requests, we do reserve the right to switch room assignments if absolutely necessary.

GritChicks Retreats we are family

We are family

From the moment you walk in the door at our retreats, you are family.


Every choice we make, down to the properties we host our retreats in, is centered around this simple truth.

This is a space to feel comfortable being 100% YOU. Acceptance, encouragement, support and inspiration are the hallmarks of GritChicks Retreats.

GritChicks Costa Rica pool

Downtime to just BE

When we're not exploring the trails, enjoy the gorgeous Costa Rica property, hang out in the pool, take time to yourself to read a book or even nap!


At GritChicks Retreats, we strive to find a balance between activity and rest, so you have time to recharge, recenter and let go of life's stressors for a while.

There is nothing you "have to" do. This is YOUR retreat.

GritChicks Costa Rica accommodations

Gorgeous Accommodations

Enjoy a shared king, shared queen,  private queen, or a 2 person bunk room. Some rooms have private bathrooms and some have shared bathrooms. See registration options for details.


Shared rooms are for ladies attending together.

Rooms with private baths can only be reserved by pairs of 2 ladies attending together.


Grit Chicks retreats are small group running/hiking, yoga and outdoor adventure-based getaways for women. We've designed these retreats to be a relaxed, fun place for women to come together and share their passion for movement, adventure and self-discovery in a space that is separate from our everyday lives and responsibilities. A space where we can just BE for a few days, to quiet the chatter of all our daily responsibilities for a few days, so we can hear what our hearts are trying to tell us.

Grit Chicks Retreats are a chance for women to step a little outside of their comfort zones by trying new things, while also taking time to clear our minds, refocus and explore our true power. All while creating lifelong memories with friends, old and new.

PLEASE NOTE: While our retreats include a walking/hiking group option for women who prefer not to run, the hikes can often be still strenuous and involve a significant amount of elevation gain. (balanced by a heathy dose of relaxation, we promise;) ) By attending, you agree that you are physically healthy, willing and able to participate in strenuous hikes.

GritChicks Retreats friendships
Grit Chicks Retreats participants


GritChicks Retreats are NOT running technique camps or training camps, fitness bootcamps or nutritional retreats, and no "official" advice will be given with regard to running, fitness or nutrition. (Though we are certainly open to sharing and brainstorming ideas and experiences!)

Grit Chicks Retreats are not "luxury" retreats. We know women tend to put our own desires on the back burner to care for others, so our goal is to make the retreats as affordable as possible, to make the decision to spend money on yourself guilt-free! To that end, we offer shared sleeping spaces in beautiful properties (private bedrooms may be available) instead of private hotel rooms. And be prepared to throw together a wrap of your choice for lunch or join the group in a taco bar night or something similar! 

One of our areas of consistent positive feedback is the lack of pressure on our retreats. At Grit Chicks Retreats, we believe life is structured enough, so we keep a very relaxed schedule. If adhering to a strict schedule appeals to you, our retreats would not be a good fit.

We have found that some groups like more downtime, some like extra yoga sessions, some even like to explore the local shopping! This is YOUR retreat, and we are here to customize it as much as possible. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you have tight deadlines and expectations like in "real" life.

your gritchicks Costa Rica retreat guidEs:

GritChicks founder Jen Labesky

Jen Labesky



Jen is a wife, mom, author, RRCA certified run coach & founder of GritChicks. She discovered running 10 years ago at the age of 40 and has since completed distances through 50 miles.

Through running, she overcame a congenital back disorder & found the limitless strength of the female body & spirit.

GritChicks Yoga Instructor Bridget Lorentz

Bridget Lorentz


Bridget & Jen have been friends for two decades, since living in Colorado & have shared many adventures, including rock climbing in Thailand!

Bridget is a wife & mom of two, yoga instructor, handstander, limit pusher & laugh lover.

(& all-around beautiful soul xx Jen)

Loose Retreat Schedule

At GritChicks Retreats, we believe life is structured enough. The last thing we want is for our participants to feel that same stress we've come to paradise to get a break fromTo that end, we keep more of a loose, laid-back schedule with a checklist of activities for each day, rather than strict set times and expectations.

(If adhering to a strict schedule appeals to you, our retreats would not be a good fit.)


 This is YOUR retreat, and we are here to customize it to your desires as much as possible. 

Sunday January 28: Travel Day

All participants whose flights arrive by 5:00pm will take our private shuttle from the San Jose Airport to our private property in Jaco (time window will be sent via email before you purchase your plane ticket) Our private shuttle is included in retreat price (airfare is not)

Sunday evening will be spent settling into your accommodations, getting to know each other, restorative yoga/stretching, relaxing by the pool, dinner, snacks and yoga nidra before bed.


Monday through Friday loose schedule

We will begin our days with a meditative yoga/stretching session and light breakfast.

Each day will include yoga, a run or hike (trails or beach), the option for a "flex time" activity (zip lining, snorkeling, horesback riding, boat tour, meals out, shopping, etc.)* and down time at the house for pool time, extra yoga workshops, even napping if you choose!

The oder of daily activities will depend on the schedule/availability of the chosen flex time activity for each day.

We will have one day where we explore trails a bit further from Jaco, so that day will likely not include flex time activities.

We will end each day with blissful yoga nidra before bed.


*Flex time activities are optional and not included in the retreat price. You can opt out of any of these activities if they don't appeal to you!

Once the retreat fills up, we will send you information for selecting the specific flex time activities you would like to participate in and we will arrange those activities.

Saturday, February 3: Travel Day

Breakfast and return private shuttle to San Jose Airport to arrive by 8:00 am.

Christine with Bridget Chincoteague Retreat

Christine N.
Chincoteague '21 & '22 & Bozeman '23

"I was hesitant at first to sign up for something that I knew little to nothing about. Something compelled me to sign up, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made! The weekend was relaxing yet challenging, and the group was so supportive. I feel I have made lifelong friends and it will be a weekend I will look back on for years to come."

Chandra Boulder Retreat

Chandra C.
Colorado '21 & Bozeman '23

"It was so far out of my comfort zone but I knew it could be magical and it was! I laughed til I cried, and connected with other women from all over the country. I challenged myself physically and just got away from it all and had time to connect with myself. I highly recommend a GritChicks Retreat! You will never be the same!"

Kim with Kelsey Sedona Retreat

Kim S.
Sedona '21, Zion '22 & Bozeman '23

I attended the Sedona Retreat with my daughter. The scenery, energy and healing Sedona offered was surreal.

I also had the pleasure to get to know and spend time with some of the most encouraging, supportive and inspirational women I have ever met.

I am looking forward to more Grit Chicks Retreats in my future.

Zion Retreat Friendship Kelsey

Kelsey J.
Zion '22

We had women from all over the country, of all ages, interests, abilities & backgrounds.  

The level of support and respect between so many women was empowering. We shared, listened, encouraged & laughed with each other. It was the perfect amount of time but we also didn't want the trip to end.

I'm already looking forward to my next GritChicks Retreat."

Room options

As of 11/1/23 we have two private rooms left!

Please email us with any questions. If you are attending with a friend and want to share a room, please register on the same day & send us an email so we make sure to room you together!

retreat Pricing

*As with all our retreats, returning participants receive a $100 discount, and TEAM GritChicks®️ members receive an additional $100 discount! (Discount applied to final payment)

(Tap here for TEAM GritChicks info!)


Registration fee includes:

6 nights accommodations in our breathtaking private estate

Retreat shuttle from San Jose International Airport to the property & returning to the airport

(Your selected flight MUST arrive & depart within our set timeframe to shuttle with the group)

We do not recommend renting a car

All in-house meals, including our own private chef for some meals!


Snacks & non-alcoholic beverages at the estate

Daily group yoga sessions, optional workships & yoga nidra

Curated group hikes and/or runs based on your preference

Transportation to & from all group activities

Super sweet swag bag full of surprises!


What's NOT included:

Retreat Price does NOT include airfare to or from the San Jose Airport.

We do not recommend renting a car, but if you choose to, it is not included in the retreat price.

While hikes, runs & yoga sessions ARE included, any additional activities such as zip lining, snorkeling, boat tours, horseback riding etc. are NOT included and will be paid by the participant.

While all "in-house" meals are included, if the group decides to have any meals and/or snacks out at restaurants, those will be the participant's responsibility.

Trip insurance is not included, but recommended.


*IMPORTANT!! All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE (See COVID exception below) unless we are able to fill your spot through the waiting list. Please consider this before registering!

We encourage you to consider travel/trip insurance.


COVID-19 MODIFICATION TO THIS POLICY: Your safety is our #1 concern. If we are forced to postpone or cancel due to COVID restrictions (as was the case for our April 2020 Colorado retreat), we will refund your registration fee, or you can choose to apply it to a future retreat!  

If we are forced to cancel the retreat for any other reason, we will refund your registration fee as well.

(Please note - Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. If inclement weather or other issues beyond our control become a factor, we will modify activities accordingly.)

COsta Rica Retreat Pricing:

$2699.00 per person

$500 deposit required reserve your room choice

Remaining balance can be paid in full or divided into monthly payments

All payments are non-refundable

(except for COVID exception described above.)

Feel free to email with any questions!

Gritchicks retreats
Frequently asked questions

is it ok for me to come by myself?

YES! Many of the ladies who attend our retreats come alone! The bonds and friendships that form at our retreats continue even after the retreat ends!

do i need to be an experienced runner to attend?

None of our retreats require running experience, as we always accommodate a walking/hiking group on all our retreats for those who prefer not to run!

However please be aware that the hikes can be technical and include a lot of elevation gain, so by registering, you are asserting that you are physically able and willing to tackle such technical hikes.

what if i want alone time during the retreat?

There is nothing on our retreats that you "have to" do. Everything is there for you to enjoy, but YOU get to choose what's right for you. Time alone? No problem! Time with the group? We're here and we love you! This is YOUR retreat. There are no "musts." Life is "must-y" enough. xx

what is the refund policy?

Due to the small group nature of our retreats, refunds will not be available unless we are able to fill your spot. If you are unable to attend, contacting us sooner rather than later will increase the chance of a refund. A $50 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds. We highly suggest trip insurance should this be a concern.

COVID-19 MODIFICATION TO THIS POLICY: Your safety is our #1 concern. If we make the decision to postpone or cancel for this reason (as was the case for our April 2020 Colorado retreat), we will refund your registration fee, or you can choose to apply it to a future retreat!

What's included?

Retreat price includes 6 nights' accommodations, all "in house" lunches & dinners, continental breakfasts, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, group yoga sessions & hikes/runs and transportation to and from group activities during the retreat. The Costa Rica Retreat also includes a group shuttle from the San Jose airport, however you must arrange for a flight that arrives within a specific window in order to take the shuttle. (More details will be shared as the retreat nears)

what's not included

Price does NOT include air or land transportation to or from the property. 

While all "in-house" meals are included, if the group decides to have any meals and/or snacks out at restaurants, those will be the participant's responsibility.

Optional "add-on" activities such as zip lining, snorkeling, horseback riding, surf lessons, water tours, etc. are not included.

Trip insurance is not included, but recommended.

other questions

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!

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